Feb 28, 2008

Thailand on 48 hours of travel (Ian's Diary)

Soooo, i made it to Thailand in one piece, and am about to go find the only other white person in the city of Khorat. (seth beaudreault)

SO i took a taxi from the airport with a guy who only knew enough english to RIP ME OFF! hahahahaha! but thats okay, im mr money bags here. THe cab driver dropped me at the bus station and i fumbled my way onto a bus out of Bangkok, because i haven't heard a single good think about bangkok. I'm actually not even sure if i'm in the right city, because i have no idea if i pronounced the city name correctly when ordering a bus ticket. And then the bus ride took about 5 hours longer than i expected. I had no idea where to get off too! Luckily, there was a man who came back and yelled the names of the places we were stopping.

I've been sleeping on plane seats, or bus seats, for the past two days. Haven't seen a real bed or pillow. I'm surprised my back is straight enough to sit in this chair.

This place is crazy! Awesome, and crazy. I have only eaten a Banana so far, because i don't want to prematurely start in on the bouts of diarhhea, i'd like to at least have a hostel with a bathroom before i eat anything, HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA!,

im a little crazed at this point, pictures and more posts later.

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