Mar 17, 2008

Avenue Q: Quickest way to rid me of $100

I just paid $102.45 for a ticket in the orchestra section for Avenue Q. Wow. Mucho dinero. And, i'm going by myself.. for three reasons:

1. Honey bunny will be out of town at a bachelor party
2. I couldn't find two tickets together, at least for a reasonable price.
3. I forget the third reason

But. Berkley said it was really good. And I want to see more theater. I'll think of it as an investment in my brain. And for puppet and craft inspiration.

I love it when red-ick-ulous things like nekkid puppets are considered "cultural."


  1. Ummm Yes I feel you on the cash-drain of Broadway shows! I paid for two tickets to Wicked back in November, and the show is FINALLY getting closer. But OUCH it was a wallet-crunch for a while! Avenue Q is coming too...and I really want to see it too. I'm all about "What do you do With a BA in English?"

    Have fun, and thanks for checkin' out my wee blog!

  2. this sounds so fun! i would totally pay $102.45 to go to this with you, if there were two tickets together and I lived in boston.


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