Apr 8, 2008

car crazies

a co-worker pointed out the other day that i have strange luck when it comes to cars. and it's true.

1. 10 year old car broken into in beverly by druggies looking for a quick score. i hope those rollerblades that you took from me got you some sweet drugs.

2. the now 11 year old car stolen from harvard square... just for its seats. i know when i'm thinking "gee, i need some awesome seats for my pimpin' civic," i immediately target 11 year old cars with 11 year old seats. after all, they've already been broken in and are soft as a cloud on my rear. oh, and they got my brand new iPod nano. at least i was dumb/smart enough to still have comprehensive insurance on the old coche.

3. new car (replacing the stolen one that was deemed a total loss due to its missing seats) hosted a dance party in brighton. i wasn't invited. someone, however, left his footprints all over the roof and managed to dent the thing enough that the sunroof wouldn't open and i had to get it fixed. so, i guess it was a fat person dance party.

4. boyfriend's car hit 5 foot piece of lead pipe in the middle of the highway, resulting in two flat tires. granted, this wasn't my car, nor was i driving, but it's still weird. i mean, who runs over a lead pipe?

i think those are my only car stories. everyone has them. i just have slightly off the beaten track ones. i still like my car and like driving. well, i like that cars can get you places.. so i'm not complaining. i'm just sharing what *could* happen if you have a car.

I think it's time to get out the bike.

This has never happened to me in my car. Well, yet anyway. Maybe I have something to look forward to!

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