Apr 23, 2008

Round eyes from not watching the boob tube

As my friend Deborah pointed out in an email, some people celebrate "Turn Off Your TV Week" every week, because they don't have TVs. Most of us, however, are not that virtuous. Or pious. I like me some trashy TV every once in awhile. Not to mention movies, which I know for a fact that Deborah watches on her laptop computer. :-)

Anyway. Last night instead of watching TV for an hour or two while I painted my toenails "cherry berry," I sat in silence. And enjoyed it. I felt peaceful. Calm. Maybe not as "zoned out" as when watching TV, but much more relaxed.

And then I read the rest of Alice Sebold's "The Almost Moon," which was quite depressing. I found myself rushing to finish it just so I didn't have to live through this middle-aged woman's anguish any longer. I enjoyed her other two books ("The Lovely Bones" and "Lucky") much more, even though they were also about dark topics.

Currently on my nightstand: "Breathing Water" by Tammy Greenwood. I read her book "Nearer Than the Sky" and enjoyed it immensely. "Breathing Water" is about a young woman still recovering from an abusive relationship, and doing so at her family's lake cabin. It reminds me of Keuka Lake.

Ramble. Ramble. Ramble.

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