Apr 18, 2008

Unavailable keeps calling me

'Unavailable' keeps calling me. Literally, twice a day. Usually once or twice in the afternoon, or if she misses that window, she'll call around dinner time. 'Unavailable' is very persistent, and takes on many guises. Strangely, she's always female.

Once, she was a fundraiser from the Obama campaign. She tried to convince me to donate $200. Then $150. Then $75. Then $40, but by then, I was tired of her. I kept telling her I was at work trying to earn money so that I would have some to give away, and that I didn't have time for this. She didn't listen. Besides, I had just donated $$$ to WBUR.

Another time, she was the Red Cross, after my platelet-rich blood. I wasn't about to travel up to Beverly for a blood donation. She convinced me to sign up for a donation in Watertown, but then I forgot to go. Some vampire is going hungry because I forgot to go to the Greek church to give away my liquids.

I don't know why she keeps calling, though. I don't owe anyone any money. I don't particularly feel like giving away money or, for that matter, blood. But if I answer to tell them, "No," they just keep me on the phone. So I just don't answer.

I wonder how long it will take for them to stop calling?

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  1. you can put your cell on the do not call list, you know. it's very obvious when that stops, because unavailable starts calling me too!!! :) granted, the blood center will always have your number, but you can stop the solicitations. i think.


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