May 29, 2008

Random Excel Tip

Ok, so I use Excel a LOT for my job. Nothing fancy, but beyond basics. I just figured out how to copy and paste values from a filtered list, without having to individually highlight each filtered row. Previously if I didn't highlight each filtered row, Excel would paste all values in the list, even those that didn't meet my filtered value.

example: here is my list.
item color
banana yellow
dog brown
bowl yellow
ball red
grass green
bucket yellow
horse brown

I want to know just which items are yellow, so I go to the Data menu and filter the list. I choose yellow in the color column as my filter. the problem is when I highlight the data, copy, and paste it, the ENTIRE list is copied, not just the banana, bowl, and bucket rows.

to get around this:
highlight the data
hit control g
choose "special" and then "visible cells"
this highlights (or selects) only the visible cells
then you are free to copy and paste just those rows that you have filtered for!

ctrl G > visible cells only (highlights only visible cells) > ctrl c will only copy visible cells

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