Jun 23, 2008

Diamonds are NOT a girl's best friend

Interesting post over on Jezebel about how diamonds are "anti-feminist." I'd have to say I agree. One day if I get engaged, I do NOT want a diamond.

"...Diamonds used to be so rare that only the very very wealthy could afford them. That is, until the 1870s. Diamond mines were "discovered" in South Africa, where, "poorly-paid, abominably treated native African workers" unearthed the gems by the ton.

"How [did De Beers] convince the world that an isometric-hexoctahedral crystal lattice allotrope of carbon was something they absolutely needed to buy?"


  1. Anonymous12:06 AM

    IF i get engaged myself, i want a white opal. they are for tears, unless someone buys them for you. diamonds are a big farce created by debeers etc. if you read books written last century, they talk about all sorts of engagement stones--emeralds, sapphires, etc. white opal for me!
    :) Liz

  2. I would love a pearl, myself. One day, my friend, one day...


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