Jun 5, 2008

Monkey Cupcakes by Casey

Yesterday was the bake-off at work... and you know I can't resist competition. Unfortunately, I became sidetracked by cuteness instead of going hardcore after the flavorhounds. I still think I should have won, as my dessert was hands down the best looking:

OMG! Why didn't I win?

The prep work AFTER baking the cupcakes

I cut out the centers and put in teaspoons of strawberry jam.
Next time I might bake the jam into them... but the jam was a nice addition.

After frosting with a very sloppy batter, I placed the cookies on and drew their little faces.

Not everyone got to be a monkey. Some got runts on top instead.

I used the delicious chocolate cupcake and icing recipes from Chockylit. I think I baked them slightly too long. Also, the frosting was a little sloppy to hold monkey faces on it. Once I refrigerated them, they firmed up but the icing lost some of its gooey goodness.

And yes, these cupcakes were for adults.

What, adults can't have fun??

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