Sep 12, 2008

Get Off Your F&*%(#* Cell Phone

Don't check your cell phone during a dinner with clients.

Don't talk on your cell phone if you're 65 years old, driving down Storrow Drive with a pick-up truck full of bricks, and the back of the pick up truck has its door DOWN (meaning bricks could easily fly out!)... and then you change lanes into me and don't do anything even when I beep to let you know that I am there.

You're A. Endangering all drivers with your bricks, B. Endangering all drivers because you're not signaling, and C. Endangering all drivers because you're not LOOKING before you change lanes. It's fine, I was able to step on the brakes while honking.

Don't talk on your cell phone if you're driving period.

Some fucking idiot on a phone was at this intersection, literally as close to me as the Jeep in this photo from Google Maps:
And he PULLED OUT IN FRONT OF ME. He had a stop sign. I was driving down the road, he wanted to pull into traffic on the opposite side. I 100% had the right of way as he was pulling across my street.

I turned my wheel to the left (but not so much that I went into oncoming traffic), slammed on my brakes so hard that they were smoking, fishtailed, and my car's back end literally came within inches of this guy's car. I would have DEMOLISHED his car and SERIOUSLY injured both of us if I hadn't turned to the left, and even with turning, I still almost hit him.

I have NEVER been so close to being in an accident... and I look over, heart pounding, and he's on his freaking cell phone. He just waved at me.

Of course immediatly I wanted to call my boyfriend to tell him what happened... but due to my new vow to NEVER TALK ON MY CELL PHONE WHILE DRIVING, I waited until I got to work and was walking. Let's hope I don't walk into poles while talking or texting...

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