Sep 27, 2008

Sock Animals - New additions to the family

I uploaded quite a few photos of recent sock creations. My favorite is Cinnamon. No, it's Liberty. No, Rosie. Ahh too many sock animals!

In other monkey news, I may start stuffing the animales with "reclaimed wool." This guy out in Washington state takes thrift store sweaters and shreds them with this special machine to make stuffing!!!! How cool is that? So instead of using poly-fill (which is polyester) or fiberfill or really expensive bamboo stuffing, I can do the ultimate in green-ness - reusing. Plus, it's just about the same price as poly-fill. For slightly more, he can provide one color, which may be necessary for some of my sock animals made out of white socks.

I'll just have to see what kind of monkey this stuffing makes! You can email him at pldunster at centurytel dot net if you'd like to learn more. This dude needs a website.

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