Oct 17, 2008

Late term abortion

Sometimes, it's necessary. Read this woman's account of her late term abortion. Moving, sad, and a reminder of why the "right to choose" is so important - for women and men.


  1. http://www.alittlepregnant.com/alittlepregnant/2008/10/why-no-one-with.html#comments


  2. Thanks for sharing those links. McCain is making many an enemy out of women just by the disrespectful way he is talking about the issue, never mind the issue itself.

  3. definitely agree. I don't think, to be honest, that men should really have a say in this, especially not at a national level.

  4. I think men have a "right" to weigh in on the conversation - after all, they are 50% of the reason a baby comes into being. They just need to do so respectfully like anyone else.


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