Nov 3, 2008

Mermaid Costume for me, an adult female

It was a success!!

This old dress, a fantastic relic from the early 1990's:
From 2008 Halloween
Turned into a Mermaid Tail with some shiny fabric, a coat hanger, elastic, sequins, tulle, and some green lycra:

From 2008 Halloween
The ensemble was completed with an old t-shirt, some sequiny pink fabric hand-sewn to the tshirt, a "sultry" red wig, and some shell accessories:

From 2008 Halloween

A side view, during a costume trial run. Note the tulle underneath the bottom.
From 2008 Halloween

I love halloween!!! This adult mermaid costume is far superior to all mermaid costumes for sale on the interweb. FAR superior.

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