Jan 2, 2009

banlangen keli - herbal medicine

This past New Years was oh so exciting - I spent it on Terrence's couch with the flu. My mom sent a care package with banlangen keli packets in it. She said they were some kind of tea, so I tried it. You just dump the thing in some hot water and it's supposed to relieve cold symptoms. However... the next morning I woke up with hives all over my feet and ankles! The only listed ingredients are Radix isatidis (Isatis Tinctoria L.), sugar, and dextrin. The Radix thing must be a plant of some sort.

Anyway, I do feel better today. Who knows if it's the banlengen keli packets, the vitamin C and zinc, the oranges, the chicken soup, or the pizza. Mmmmm I think it was the pizza.


  1. Be careful w/ that stuff...


  2. sorry, didn't see ur link :)


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