Jan 23, 2009

New Year for Smazzle

I feel like I never write on this thing anymore!! Here's what's up:
  1. I'm on a diet. Yes for real. More for health reasons than vanity, but vanity's part of it. LiveStrong.com's Daily Plate is my friend.
  2. I go to the gym. Yes for real. More so I can eat more food than for health, but health is part of it.
  3. The reason for my slightly high blood pressure since middle school has been diagnosed! My poor descending aorta has a condition known as "coarctation of the aorta". It basically means that it looks like there's a belt around the top of it. I have to get an MRI, whoopee.
  4. Tennessee in February!
  5. Hondouras in March, babyyyy!
  6. My house smells like a family of gerbils is living in it, thanks to this composter. I think I need to clean it out and start over.
  7. I got an awesome silver unicorn necklace for Christmas, way cooler than this unicorn one.
  8. Lots of monkeys to be made...

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