May 7, 2009

Many Faith Groups Hate Love

Somehow a Casey Williams in Texas has accidentally submitted my email address as hers, and I keep getting these YSIF (Your Sister In Faith) emails... despite having emailed Pastor Tim (who tried to convert me) and another admin person.

I received this little gem this morning:
Hi Everyone
My niece Ann is living with a woman and has had two children by invitro. As I told some of you two weeks ago, Iowa made same sex marriage legal and I prayed that she would not succumb to this. Well apparently she has. The devil is at work in an evil way. This is my niece who confronted her mother, my sister, about abandoning the Holy Rosary before daily Mass to take up instead yoga and studying and sending money from teaching yoga to her guru in Arizona. I believe that the devil has a hold on this family and it hurts me greatly. Please I beg you for prayers for this family. I am truly blessed to have all of you and I know together we can battle the evil who is infiltrating.
Blessings and YSIC, Elizabeth
OH MY GOD. I cannot believe these people actually think this. And write these words. "Evil infiltrating?" What is this, a Harry Potter novel?

My response:

Please take me off your email list. I am not part of your faith group. In fact, I am Unitarian, living in Boston, and very happy about the legalization of gay marriage. I believe all people who love each other should be allowed to join together in marriage. It does not make my own marriage to my lovely husband any less holy or meaningful.

Good luck "battling the evil."


Casey Williams
Boston, MA

Yes, I pretended to be married just to get my point across. LOVE IS GOOD, HATE IS NOT. These "Christians" need to get over themselves. They're probably spending all their time praying for my soul's salvation since I have yet to receive a response.

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