Jun 30, 2009

Bicycle Built for No One

Yesterday evening:

Rush home.
Pick up T.
Finish some emergency work emails.
Change into my "biking" clothes. We're going to go on our first bike ride together! I gave T a new used bike for his birthday.
Fill tires with air.
Jam the key into my bike lock. It won't unlock. In fact, I have twisted the key and need to use pliers to straighten it out again.
Take the bike outside. T tries to unlock it --- for 20 minutes.
I search for the second key, ransacking the house --- nothing.
We oil the lock. No dice.
Finally T figures out that the key is not for the bike lock - it's for my filing cabinet at work. Doh.
Ransack the house again while T researches how to jimmy a Kryptonite lock (it involves a ballpoint pen).
20 minutes later a little lightbulb goes off - "the keys are in your car."
Sure enough, both keys to the bike lock are in the car glove box.

After confirming the keys work, we put the bikes away, and drive to dinner at YoMa where T orders Happy Chicken and I get Y4, and we enjoy some BYOB Pale Ale. I pick up the tab. Sorry, T.

Consider this an endorsement of combination locks.

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