Aug 6, 2009

The Christians in TX Love Me

The Christian saga continues.... either this other Casey Williams doesn't know her own email address, or people in Texas don't know how to write down her email properly!!!! ARG!!

Hi Casey,
It was great to see you at the Interest Meeting This past Sunday, thank you so much for coming! I know you got there a little late but hope that you were encouraged and had a few question answered. That’s great that you are wanting to start a group for Mom’s in your home! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you, we have lot’s of good studies available and I’d be more than happy to recommend a few. Please feel free to call/email me if any questions come to mind, I am here for you.
Thank you for your heart to open up your home and minister to women!
Laurie Sutherland
Groups Pastor
Valley Creek Church
caseywilliams to Laurie

You have the wrong Casey Williams. The Casey Williams you're looking for gives out the wrong email address wherever she goes - I have gotten several church-related emails meant for her. I do not live in Texas, I live in Boston. I am not a Mom.

Please remove me from your email list, and let her know that she needs to learn her own email address a little better.

Thanks and take care,

Casey Williams
Boston, MA

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  1. have you thought about telling her you're a lesbian?
    how come my HTML tags cannot be accepted??? grrr.


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