Aug 18, 2009

To Sir, With Love - A story of letters

The summer after my senior year of high school, I visited my bosom buddy Vivian in her new hometown outside of San Fransisco (Freemont). We were sitting around one afternoon, shooting the shit with her friends, and I started cutting up magazines --- specifically a picture of Jamiroquai. Cutting, and gluing, and cutting, and the result was an anonymous letter sent home to my friend Mike. I promptly forgot about it.

Upon receiving the letter, he was flummoxed. 100%. Who the hell would send a chopped up, glued photo of Jamiroquai? He and his mom spent hours wondering, speculating, thinking, laughing... and then I returned and confessed.

An accidental act of entertainment, but something I should do more often - send fun letters. Random letter sending can bring joy into the world, like this project by Lenka and Michael, who are writing to everyone in the world, one by one, starting with a small town in Ireland. I can only imagine the delight and wonderment of the town's residents as they open their unexpected post, and it makes me want to participate as well. Kind of like pen pals, only it's one way... and for grown-ups. It's even more special as we further immerse ourselves in digital communications.

Who should recieve my first letter?

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