Aug 10, 2009

Why Healthcare (not insurance) Needs to be Fixed

My cardiologist needs a copy of my echocardiogram. To quote the receptionist: "all you need to do is sign a release form, and they'll mail it out."

Call 1: Internal medicine receptionist in Medford. No dice.
Call 2: Medical records in Somerville. They don't send out CDs, I am put on hold.
Call 3: Radiology. The girl on the phone says they don't send out CDs, that Cardiology has to do that.
Call 4: Cardiology in Medford. Tells me to call Radiology, where I got the echo. I tell her I already did that, she says "well you need to call Radiology."
Call 5: Radiology again... and realize I was calling the Cambridge office and needed to talk to Kenmore. My bad.
Call 6: Radiology in Kenmore. They try to transfer me, the call is dropped.
Call 7: Radiology in Kenmore again. They transfer me correctly.
Call 8: Cardiology in Kenmore. FINALLY praise be, the woman can help me. I don't know why they can send out CDs in Kenmore but not in Cambridge, but I don't really care.


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