Sep 1, 2009

Warm Salad v2

Last night's dinner: Peanut udon noodles (a variation on this almond soba recipe from Heidi Swanson), marinated "grilled" eggplant, and fresh corn. I say "grilled" because the eggplant was actually baked. Our small charcoal hibachi wasn't going to efficiently grill all 3 eggplanties I had on hand.

The eggplant was marinated in a garlic-basil balsamic dressing --- let's hear it for "the Rocket," the generic "Bullet." It is hands down the best appliance for making salad dressings. WAY better than a blender.

The result? A delicious dinner, with few noodles but lots of eggplant leftover. Hmmm.... can you say, "Warm salad lunch?" I can! It might not look pretty, but with a little leftover dressing from the marination and a quick turnaround in the microwave, this baby was just as delicious as last night... only with fewer noodle carbs.

PS. Podcast Monday was interupted by moving... will be posting later today.

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