Feb 21, 2010

In Which Casey Sings with the Youth Group

Worship for February 21 see you at practice Thurs at 7 choir room



Jonathan Essick

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 Feb 17 (4 days ago) 

Arrangements for each song will be entered after practice once we determine exactly how we will do the songs based on practice.

Worship for February 21, 2010                        8:30  Praise & Worship
Opening Song- GIDEON
                “COME NOW IS THE TIME TO WORSHIP “ (D-E),                           3.50
                                Praise Charts song
Share God’s Love- JON                                                                                                4min
Praise & Worship- PRAISE SINGERS with TRACK
                “SING”(ALL TRACK  NO BAND)                                                   4.15
Praises & Prayerful Concerns – DENNIS                                   7
Children’s Message – then to Children’s church                                             5.33
Pastoral  Prayer – DENNIS                                                       5.0
                “Draw Me Close” – Brenda T. (soft piano no organ please)         
Song of Worship – GIDEON
                “HOW MANY KINGS” (B)             Praise Charts song                             4.33

Offertory / Special Music
                “Everything Glorious”     Casey, Morgan, & Youth Band                      3.8
                &   Message- DENNIS                                                                        20
 “THERE IS NONE LIKE YOU” (G-A)                                              5.34
BAND plays WITH the Track  DVD-G Song # 6
                “LOVE THE LORD”  (G) Praise Chart Song                            3.15 or shorten if needed                          Approx. 65 minutes

  casey  to Jonathan
                    6:38 PM 

Hi there,
You have the wrong Casey Williams. 

A. I'm in Boston, not Illinois

B. I'm Unitarian. We tend to sing more spiritual songs, fewer religious songs.
C. I'm not known for my singing voice, though I could probably still carry a handy tune on my flute. I could dust it off if you like. Maybe I could even get my neighbor Patty to do a duet with me. After all, she went to the annual flautists convention this year in New York during which they attempted to break the record for the most number of flautists playing at the same time. They failed, despite the excellent leadership of James Galway. There simply weren't enough flutes. Perhaps this year they'll have better luck, since Sir Galway will be celebrating his 70th birthday!

I hope the correct Casey Williams showed up for rehearsal and at the ceremony this morning!

Good luck next week,

Casey Anne Williams
Boston, MA

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