Mar 17, 2010

Too Many Caseys at Verizon

Somehow, when an individual (Debbie) working for the city of Edmond AZ hit "reply" to her Verizon Wireless sales rep, she decided that the email address there couldn't possibly be correct. It was casey.williams at verizonwireless dot com. Not sure where the confusion was.

Somehow, this other Casey Williams's coworker, named Chet Casey, forwarded the email to Casey Williams in order to set up a meeting with Debbie, he put in my gmail address. Not the Verizon Wireless email address. I don't get it.

fromcasey williams at gmail dot com
to"Casey, Chet" ,
dateWed, Mar 17, 2010 at 12:35 PM
subjectRe: RE: My Business account set up for City of Edmond

jesus h christ.

for the third time, i am casey williams who lives in boston, not in AZ.

i work in search engine marketing, not in sales for verizon.

i used to have a verizon phone until the iPhone came out. However, I am considering a Droid phone when my contract is up. I imagine it would be hard to be in wireless sales and not have the iPhone in your product line... though you still have Blackberries and now the Droid, so maybe things are looking up.

Good luck replacing Debbie's boss's phone.


Casey Anne Williams
Boston, MA

PS. Do you find it confusing to have a co-worker with the same first name as your last name?


  1. wunderbar8:51 PM

    I have no witty comments, just had to laugh at this. Thank you for this.


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