Aug 25, 2010

Ankle Time

From "YEAHHH Floooooor hockey on Mondays!" and "yeahhh we're winning this game!"


"*(%#*(7%(#*$9UI#$!!!!!!" (Good thing I had the hockey stick/cane to help me off the court.)


A day later
Ew!! Poor wee ankle did not like being used to go to work, stand on the train, or drive a standard.

Day 3, thinks are looking a little better thanks to a little RICE action:

Food items that have graced my ankle thus far: lots of corn (which became corn soup tonight), shredded cheese, and brown rice (all frozen).

Ok so maybe it doesn't LOOK better, but it feels a lot better, thanks in part to this tip from Melanie:
Yes, bearded men on TV do wonders for a swollen ankle! I wonder how she ever figured that out. Or maybe she was referring to putting one's feet up on a foot rest while laying on the floor. Mission 'Foot Above Head' solved!

Now just to get the ankle back into floor hockey shape.


  1. Melanie4:00 PM

    I made the blog... I'm famous!

  2. how's the ankle? Can you walk without pain?
    DO NOT play on it until it's 100% healed.
    I played volleyball on an injured ankle before it healed and it still hurts me 25 years later.


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