Sep 13, 2010

My Weekend - Thrifting! and Cooking!

This weekend was dedicated to quality Mother-Daughter time. And quality father-brother-mother-daughter-eating-peach-pie time. And laid back boyfriend-cousin-girlfriend time. Lots of times were had.

To start, I took the day off of work on Friday and my mom and I went to Brimfield. Google it. Personally, I think - actually me AND my mom think - that it's a bit overpriced. I also personally think there is just too much to look at. Too many old carpets, 'antique' chairs, antique chairs, crazy eyed old dolls, mirrors, art, beads, crap, etc. Though I'm sure if you're someone who knows more about antiques, you can find good deals.

More my speed was the annual Littleton Country Fair (thrown by my parents' Unitarian church), including my beloved Trash 'n' Treasure, the following day (Saturday). Man did I find some deals, including a few that are going to be rehabbed and featured as a Before and After. It was also the perfect place to pick up camping gear! By gear, I mean an old frying pan, a spatula from 1975, and a mini gas grill complete with the little green propane thingies.

By far the best investment I made was in two used Moosewood cookbooks. So far we've made 4 recipes from the 'New Classics' book, and they have been FANTASTIC. How many times have you made 4 recipes from the same cookbook that have all been good? And healthy!

Below, I bring you Peach Pie In The Making, though it's not a recipe from Moosewood, it was SO DELICIOUS:

Ok so we skipped photographing the peach peeling and slicing and crust making, but here you can see me meticulously placing the crumble on top of the pie.

Susan aka Mom flipping through Betty to look something up. You can also see the 'second' peaches that we got at Gove Farm in Lancaster. Nothing beats a fresh peach!

Applying the tinfoil to the crust to prevent burning. There may or may not have been swearing involved.

The happy chef puts the pie in the oven. The tinfoil may or may not have fallen off the crust. Additional swearing definitely occurred.

As a happy side note, if you ever want to attract company, cook with peaches. The next evening I made a peach cobbler and low and behold, another guest came over!

Here's to more good eating.


  1. Peaches, FCU Country Faire and Brimfield were all delicious and fun, as is my daughter.

    Can't wait to see BEFORE & AFTER of the chandelier.

  2. I love Moosewood! My parents have a few, and I have yet a different one-- all fantastic.

  3. I wish we lived closer. I could help you clean up that pie. AKA eat it all. ;o)


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