Oct 26, 2010

Dr Hinze and his Stacks

Dr. Hinze

 to mecaseywilliams3.
1:18 PM
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casey  to Hinze
 2:00 PM 
Hi Dr. Hinze,

You definitely have the wrong Casey Williams. I live in Boston, and I work in search engine marketing. I just happened to get the email address caseywilliams at gmail. You would not believe how many of us there are out there. It looks like yours was the third to get Gmail - congrats to him/her!

I wish I had something to contribute about your concrete stacks, but I really have got nothing to say. I guess I could read the 11 articles you sent me... but instead I'll just say that I studied biology in school - my undergraduate thesis was on a glycoprotein of the Ebola virus. But it was far from the physics of concrete stacks or other safety hazards in construction.

I do work in a 65 story building in Boston. When it was first built, the windows used to pop out because some architect or builder messed up. And at UMass-Amherst, the library spits bricks. Maybe your research could have prevented those things from happening!
Good luck investigating this. I really hope you guys do your job well so nothing comes crashing down.

Casey A Williams
Boston, MA

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  1. There are MANY Casey williams out there.
    I suggest you take on the "Tordella" to resolve the issue.
    At least you don't have a cousin by the same name.


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