Nov 5, 2010

Story Time: Gym in the morning

One morning a girl decided to go to the gym in the morning. She packed the night before right before bed, changing her outfit a few times.

The next morning, she almost didn’t get out of bed. But then she did. And she left her house. And ran for the train, which was just pulling in. But alas, she dropped her keys. That mistake cost her the train. Drat!

So she moseys on over to the train stop, turns on NPR, and waits. Hurrah! A train is pulling in! And it's a three car train - a true rarity (has anyone else seen one of those on the B line?)!!! But suddenly she realizes that in her clothes for work, she forgot to pack her underclothes. As in, she only had a sports bra, which is great for the gym, but not so great for work.

Again, she is forced to abandon a perfectly good train. She walks home, confusing her boyfriend when she enters the bedroom. She definitely contemplates getting back in bed... except she's now wide awake thanks to her sprint to the train.

Gathering her FULL outfit for work, she again heads out. And gets a train. And goes to the gym, because hell, she has tried so hard to get there she might as well do the deed.

Now she is at work, and ready for a nap.

The End.

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  1. I have totally been there... including the ready-for-a-nap part once getting to work! Downside of morning workouts, I suppose...


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