Jun 22, 2011

Family Time

I call this past week, "Family Time."

Or the phrase that just rolls off the tongue "Ruckordellailliams Reunion", a combination  of my mom's sister's family's last name and our last names.

Super fun times. And.. mustard learned how to jump off the dock! And T and I show our canoe skillz. Not captured in pixels: Mustard's jumping through the hula-hoop skillz. That dog is smart. Or motivated by food, perhaps.

Missing from the photo: Phoebe the Australian Veterinarian. She was the photographer.

T is quite pleased with the outrage he has inspired in me. Mustard is just confused. 

We go nowhere quickly. 

Later, Mustard realizes how exciting jumping of the dock is. Mostly he just wants to show the lily pads who's da boss (it's him).  

Trying to complete the Ayer puzzle. Impossible.

Until next time, Ruckhs, Tordellas, and Williamses! Not to mention all of the significant others.. ;-) Jackie - we missed you!!!


  1. Berkley10:49 AM

    as a former canoeing instructor I will be happy to point out to T that clearly HE is facing the wrong way int he canoe.

    (though if he were the only one paddling that if the preferred way to sit to single-handedly handle the canoe)

  2. T was being silly :-)

    I still can't get over the fact that we have a dog that LIKES to SWIM!!!!! My dream come true.


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