Jun 1, 2011

Online Banking with BOA

casey to Bank (seriously, that's what the 'reply-to' name pops up as)
7:38 PM
Dear BOA,

I was SO CONFUSED when I read this email. See, I log into my Bank Of America online banking accounts at least once a week, if not more. I just logged in yesterday.

So I got this message, and was like, "daym, how often do other people log into their bank accounts?"  

I thought I was a super user. I get e-bills whenever possible, I send checks using Bill Pay, I pay ALL bills online using transfers, I IM with your employees (which, btw, I generally enjoy because they seem to have personalities... but I don't think they have ever had the power to solve my problem), I read the little messages you send me when you have a question. I'm like a POSTER CHILD for online banking. It's one of the main reasons (along with your 1 bazillion ATMs) I stay with Bank of America.

As it turns out, I am a super user. Or at least I can continue to think that about myself. 

You were trying to reach Bryan Williams. He clearly is not an interwebs lover like I am, since he didn't even get his email address right when he set up his online banking. I mean, what kind of guy is named Bryan, but has a 'caseywilliams@gmail' account?

Anyway, I'm going to ignore your email. And try to ignore my bank account, since it was recently depleted by a European vacation (which I called you about so you didn't think my cards were stolen --- I'm kind of hurt you haven't asked how my trip was!) and getting a dog.

Time to get back at it.


Your loyal Online Banker Casey A. Williams


  1. Big Head4:23 PM


  2. ahahahha fantastic. i'm eagerly awaiting their reply.

    xo em


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