Jul 14, 2011

Getting Some Work Done - 84Lumber

84 Lumber pc@84lumber.com to bob.hamonme
9:38 AM 

See attachment for the revised window quote. Please check the QTY Size and
location to verify all changes are correct. I did 5/8" Contour GBG and also
changed the Gable fixed window gbg pattern to look like the other windows. I
can change back to (2wide x 4 heigh) or (2 wide x 3 heigh).

The front door as discussed = 725.00 + tax  R.O. on door = 64 1/2" x 96"
Miniblind door with transom (raise and lower blinds) = 450.00 + tax
R.O. for door = 34 1/2" x 96"

 20 min door from garage to house to match other interior doors = 195.00 +
tax. This door should match the front door style. The  Jeld-Wen interior
door style that matches the front door is the ( Continental).

Any questions just call me.

Thank you
Chris Draper
84 Lumber Company

caseywilliams@gmail.com to 84bob.hamon
9:50 AM
Hi Chris and Bob

Funny that you emailed me - I'm trying to get my landlord and/or boyfriend to install a screen door on our back door. But not like a nice door, since we rent. Just a $20 screen door from Home Depot or Lowes (your evil publicly held competitors). So your quote is WAY more than I was expecting to spend.

The real issue, me thinks, is that you're trying to reach a different Casey Williams who does not know his/her email address. I'd suggest reaching out to him/her with a phone call. Hopefully you got their phone number. If it ends with 0696, that's my phone number, and you needn't call, since we have already established I am the wrong Casey Williams for this door sitch.

Best of luck - I hope you get the business. My dad is actually a contractor - I know how finicky clients can be.

Casey Williams
Boston, MA

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