Jul 27, 2011

Mason J from IMVU


This is by far the worst mistaken (well I hope it's mistaken) Casey Williams email.

I went into my Spam folder to find it. While there, I saw all kinds of fun email titles, like "sexy Christian Singles." I didn't open that one.

Since it seems everyone is SUPER curious about what exactly it is that I was forced to experience, here's the two photos I can show you without smudging out the entire photo. Children may be reading this blog. They don't need to see Mason J's, um, situation. Neither does the guy next to me on the plane. But he might have seen it because when I first opened the second photo to edit it, it opened to my WHOLE screen. Whoops. Sorry guy. Too bad we have another hour together here at the gate, plus the 2+ hours to Boston, making it a total of ~4 hours that we will be spending next to each other.

I digress.

World, meet Mason J.

For goodness sakes, he looks like he's 16!!! Yuck!

The question is, should I write back and tell him he's got the wrong Casey Williams? I think we all know the answer...


  1. OMG, Casey-- that is crazy! He does look like he's 16. I would let him know he has the wrong Casey, otherwise he may keep sending you nudie pics...

  2. YES WRITE HIM BACK! LOL. That'll teach him to sext.

  3. Beatz9:48 AM

    WOWZERS!!! Get it girl!!! lol jk!


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