Apr 16, 2008

Thai New Year Celebration! (Ian's Diary)

So the new year has begun, i bought a watergun, and am wicked excited about it. There are people roaming the streets with guns in hand, buckets at bay, and drums filled with that wonderful substance water.

As i drive to go to my favorite pad thai restaurant, 5 minutes away, i get sprayed no less than twice, and completely soaked by a traffic stopping bucket. OOOh baby, and on the way here i made the mistake of taking on four falangs with my one little gun. As a vendor watching said later, "There were four of them!"

There seems to be no limit to the amount of water a westerner can be drenched in, simply because they are all on vacation. The people at work are generally spared, except of course when a close friend has a plan. The woman who sold me the water CANON that i have sitting and leaking at my feet on the floor, had about a gallon of water poured over her HEAD as she was making the sale.

I can only wait with baited expectations at tommorrows festivities. It will be saturday, and the thai people LOVE to drink on saturdays. Now how about the New Year! Happy New Year! Thai style, so i guess i missed a massachusetts winter for a Thai Summer and a second New Year for my year. Who knows where I'll be for the next one?

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