Apr 16, 2008

Mini-rainstorm (Ian's Diary)

3:34am Friday, Apr 11
I went up a mountain on a motorbike on the Island of Phuket. It's a dreamland, and with waves, it'd be the best place EVER, but for now it's just dreamland.

These dirt roads make me feel like I am skiing, going down them and going up them. They are rutted, illused, miscared for, and I had to abandon ship once because of it. On the way I got off to look at the view, and walked through a beautiful rubber plantation. There is life abound in the understory of these plantations. Then there's the gap with the green blue sea shining up. Oh it's nice.

I also drink a lot of water here, and had coffee for the first time in like a year. So i had to pee, so i peed of the side of the rock i was sitting on, and lo and behold! Some little lizard was taking a nice little shower almost immediately after the water started to fall! Haha, he followed that little rainshower to the left and right....it was a little strange, but it sheds light on how dry it is here, ITs the peak of dry season, and almost time for the annual thai new year, where the tradition is a large waterfight! I've been looking everywhere for water balloons but to no avail.

So a little further down and the track really degenerates, and becomes more of a dirt streambed than road. And whooop, tire slips out, i go on my bum. But all is well, helmut hit and popped off, but was good for what i needed. And just two cuts! The bike even started when i get it back to standing!

Scuba diving tommorrow on the ridiculously gorgeous reefs by these islands. Maybe another shark! or a sea turtle, another creepy sea snake, or whatever else is down there!

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