Apr 16, 2008

Playing guitar with the underpass people (Ian's Diary

I had to get OUT of Bangkok! Being there alone was crazy, depressing, and a little scary. When i had Meredith on my arm, things were definitely more fun. For one, a swim in the pool meant a pretty lady in a bikini to play with. Without a lady on my arm, walking down almost any street means Old Lady Pimps actually grabbing my upper arm in an attempt to procure some business. SOOO CREEEEEPY! I don't know who that works on, but it Ain't Itordell, irntordellwillia.

I booked an overnight bus to the south of Thailand. Phuket is the name of the island, and its large, overdeveloped, and so far uneventful. What was crazy was waiting for my bus to depart.

I took a motorbike taxi through the streets of bangkok during rush hour. Which is CRAZY. The motorbike driver drives through the traffic for a living. And while i felt basically safe the whole time, the whole time we were riding on the line, in the middle lane between lanes of cars. This is the norm though...at long traffic lights I played a tune on the guitar for my driver. He thoroughly enjoyed it, giving me a thumbs up!

I had to wait 8 hours for my overnight bus, because being an IDIOT, i went to the bus station in the morning for what i knew would be an overnight affair. (12 hours!) So instead of waiting in the modern, ACed fully peopled waiting room, i set off to look for some friends to pass the time with.

I tried to leave the compound out the back, but only ended up in the bus repair lot, so i left from there, and walked until i found an overpass/underpass. The highway went up, i crossed it, and went under it! Underneath was an odd array of muddy never drained stagnate water pools, plastic bags filled with trash, and a canal. Next to the shade was a beautiful flower garden, watered by a giant water hose truck that almost soaked all of our things!

I played a song for a man who was there, and he walked over, sat down, and then got his other friend. I don't remember any names, they're impossible! When i told them my departure time for Phuket, they got excited, and went out and bought some whiskey...

when i say whiskey, i'm using it in the bROADEST possible terms. Whiskey in this country is any alcohol that isn't vodka with a proof higher than 80. The stuff they gave me to drink looked, tasted, and burned the throat exactly like a high octane gasoline! In, fact, as i was the first drinker, and they laughed heartily at my reaction, i thought that i was being duped by these under overpass hanger outers, and was re evaluating my decision to rub elbows with the sort of person who naps under a highway.

Luckily, these feelings passed, as did the time. I played them a bunch of songs, which they WHOOOPEd to, like the good old time tradition. Then another man showed up who played guitar. so i handed him the guitar, and took out two spoons, which i now travel with because one i got at a Hagen Daz Ice cream restaurant. Its extra long, thick and PERFECT for getting to the bottom of pints or quarts of ice cream. I can't WAIT TO GET HOME TO EAT KIMBALLS! Shit, anyway, i had a grand ol time under the overpass, by the canal, near the flowers, and most importantly OUT of the SUn, christ, its hot here.

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