Apr 15, 2008

Tipping on free stuff

This past Sunday I received a free "designer" haircut, in a "straight from NYC" style. Is "straight from NYC" supposed to make me feel better about my annoying side swept bangs?

Actually, the cut is quite cute, even the bangs. [I just don't have patience for them.] Losing 5 inches of hair and having the special "new layering technique" means my hair has a lot more "movement." I likey.

But I digress.

How much do you tip on a free service? I suppose you tip ushers (who you're not directly paying) one or two dollars. But one or two dollars on what would normally be a $75 hair cut seems cheap. I mean, do you even tip on a free service?

I ended up giving lovely Kazakhstani Olga $7, mostly because it was all I had on me. She sort of shoo-shooed it away, but I gave it to her anyway. I mean, my hair does look good. It's certainly more stylish than I am.

Another example - I asked a co-worker to grab me a soda on his way to our free soda machine. Should I tip him too, or is that taking this too far? :-P

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  1. hmmm, i got a free haircut too, but the cutter was a student. i can't remember if i tipped her. i want to say i did, but hmmm. not quite sure. ah well, maybe i'll go back to her in a month and have her trim it for me, and tip her THEN. :)


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