May 2, 2008

Lost Camera

I looked and looked and looked. And searched. I even prayed to Saint Anthony. But I cannot find my digital camera. It was last seen at the Mac Wolfe's house after my babysitting trip to the Stoneham zoo. I swear it's somewhere in that house... maybe I can ask to come over to look, because it's not anywhere at my house.

Sigh. I miss her. Poor little camera. It's chock full of good photos - trip to the zoo, the OYFP concert, my birthday, and randoms that I just KNOW are fantastic.

Not having a camera meant I couldn't take photos of the creation of the first ever sock flamingo. Clearly it was a momentous occasion, and I couldn't document it. Sigh.

Maybe I'll stop by the Wolfe's house tomorrow. Nothing like a little stalking to get one's camera back. It's either that or buy a new one which I don't really want to do.

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