May 8, 2008

Unicorns in my heart

For those of you unfamiliar with my fascination of unicorns.... that's me, in the unicorn costume 3 years ago:

I once memorized and would recite on command this unicorn poem by W. H. Auden:
O, Unicorn, among the cedars,
To whom no magic charm can lead us,
White childhood moving like a sigh
Through the green woods unharmed in thy
Sophisticated innocence,
To call thy true love to the dance . . .
This print by Matt Ciprov hangs above my fireplace slash alter:
Ok, so that's an exaggeration slash outright lie, but if I had a fireplace and owned this print, it would totally be on my wall.

Anyway, point is I came across these earrings made from antique brass on Caroline Bleu's Etsy shop:
I was looking for gold hoops, but I think these unicorn earrings would perform the same function... don't you?



  1. Anonymous12:35 AM

    how did you make your horn? i'm trying to be a unicorn this year and you did a fantastic job on yours!

  2. Hi Jacksonrain - Thanks! I made it out of white posterboard and trimmings from my local fabric store. Basically I just cut a wedge of the poster board, pulled the edges together to overlap them, and taped/glued them. I then wound the trimmings around the horn, and poked two holes in the bottom through which I tied some very thin gold piping, which tied underneath the back of my head.

    Good luck!


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