May 6, 2008

30 fastest growing occupations is on top of the whole "job trends" thing.. though I wonder if the Bureau of Labor Statistics can accurately predict the 30 fastest growing occupations. I suppose it's like any prediction - an educated guess that may or may not come true.

Many of the fasted growing jobs are in the "personal care" market - physicians aides, manicurists, dental assistants and hygienists, physical therapists and aides, therapists of all sorts, social workers, "skin care specialists," home care aides, etc. I think these predictions are right on. The baby boomers ain't getting any younger, and as they age they'll need more medical care.

There were some interesting correlations from the 30 fastest declining occupations. For example, data entry jobs are declining, but database administrators are in more demand. Perhaps the data is being entered overseas, but the databases created and managed stateside?

Also, pharmacy aides are less in demand, but pharmacy technicians are increasingly in demand. Apparently they would rather pay the tech more money to do the types of tasks the aides used to do, like answer the phone, take care of paperwork, ring up customers, etc.

And finally, the number one job projected to grow a whopping 53.4% by 2016 is the position of Network Systems and Data Communications Analyst. Now that sounds juicy.

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