May 6, 2008

30 fastest declining jobs

Read about the thirty fastest declining jobs, according to and some data they obtained from somewhere, somehow. Oh wait - it's legit - from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Phew.

They should have had "traditional newspaper journalist" on the list. After all, "wallpaper hanger" made it. And "book binders" and "printers." All things involving paper. Good news - demand for telemarketers is down, though I wonder if that's just in the USA. They credit the decline to the new "do not call" lists... but I still get plenty of unsolicited phone calls.

Most slash ALL of the jobs are traditional blue collar type jobs (with the exception of radio and TV announcers). It will be interesting to see where those workers end up - service industry, perhaps?

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"I've been working on the railroad," or at least this guy used to. Railroad switch operators made the list of declining jobs.

Photo courtesy of LoopyKD.

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