Sep 19, 2008

Road Rage on Fridays

I have had my fair share of road rage, or as I like to put it, "irritation at other drivers who are not properly following the rules of the road, which I express by venting out loud to my passengers or the patient voices I hear on NPR."

This morning, I was waiting to take a left onto North Beacon Street, not pulling in front of a minivan going 45 MPH towards WGBH, and waiting for a large tractor trailer to pass by going the opposite way towards Soldiers Field Road. Here is a photo of what I was seeing (I love Google's Street View feature):

I hear a honking. I don't understand, I think it's at someone else, or because perhaps the front people were not immediately going due to the aforementioned traffic. I pull out, next to a red VW Gulf. The guy is madly gesticulating at me, honking, and screams, "F&*( YOU!"


Don't get me wrong, I've done plenty of things to get honked at for... like filing my nails at a light and not realizing it was green, or inappropriately changing lanes... but I just didn't get this guy, or his level of anger. I think maybe he thought there shouldn't be two lanes turning left at this intersection, in which case he was seriously wrong. I drive this way every single day, multiple times a day, and there's always two lanes. Sometimes three.

He was wrong, but really really mad. He continued to drive like a maniac. I wanted him to pull into my work parking garage so I could ask him what the heck was going on (after checking to make sure he didn't have a gun or knife), but he tailgated his way down North Beacon Street into Watertown.

So, in conclusion, it's FRIDAY, people. Lighten up. Laugh at some kittens.

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