Aug 25, 2009

Making Salads Interesting

The key to staying on a restricted calorie diet? Eating salads for lunch. Only that gets boring.

I love making "alternative" salads, like my spaghetti salad, which both use up leftovers and make for a more interesting lunch than a dumb ole garden salad. (Not that there's anything wrong with an occasional garden salad, they just aren't that exciting.)

I had some leftover kebab veggies (no meat, it was way too tough and got thrown away), grilled green beans, and 1.5 heavenly slices of thick cut bacon, all from this past weekend. My salad solution? Putting the vegetables and natural "bacon bits" over a bed of spinach, heating it in the micro for 3 minutes, and lightly sprinkling balsamic vinaigrette over top.

The result was a lovely lightly steamed bed of spinach with fragrant veggies. The bacon added a nice flavor kick, and I was full until dinner time at the cost of just ~375 calories.

"Eating right" doesn't have to be a sacrifice...

Photo is from my iPhone of the aforementioned warmed veggie salad. Yum!

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