Sep 14, 2009

Before & After: Bathroom Storage Solutions!

Our bathroom, in addition to being right off the very small bedroom, is small. Oh so small. Not North End Restaurant small where you can't turn around without falling into the toilet, but small enough that no additional bathroom storage could be added.

The sink has no cupboard underneath it, so the only storage is the small shelf above the toilet, the small medicine cabinet, and the [small] space on top of the toilet tank, which is where T puts his toiletries of course.

But where to put the leftover cold medicine, the aloe for sunburns, the vitamins, extra band-aids, etc? I *almost* spent $35 on a particle board cupboard from Target to mount on the wall in an awkward manner. Instead I found this rusty, dirty metal sliding door shelf at Urban Renewals for $4:

It looks deceptively clean and nice here, but it had been at the thrift store for over a month, untouched and in the corner. Quick measurements showed it would in face fit in our small bathroom! All I had to do was slap on a few goats erm... Coats of white spray paint, and screw it into the wall:

Yes, it's in an unconventional place. I've never seen a medicine cabinet over a bathroom door. But it was perfect, unused space, and I don't need my anti-itch gel or antacids all the time, and when I do, I can stand on the toilet to get them.

Say "Yay!" for bathroom out of the way bathroom storage that cost just $7!

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