Sep 15, 2009

Before & After: The Hoosier is a Brand New Antique!

I was hemming and hawing over the hoosier before & after photos for a few reasons:
  1. There's not much natural light, so it's hard to get a good shot.
  2. The paint job is not perfect, because the wood underneath is not perfect.
  3. I haven't finished re-upholstering the chair I use as my desk chair (the hoosier is now my desk).
Then I said "screw it!" and decided to post. I have worked danged hard -- and with T's help, have done a dramatic 360 on the bright blue hoosier. One of the previously mentioned brothers saw the hoosier a few days ago and said "Wow! I don't even recognize it! F&7*$&8 I hated painting that thing."

Let's review the hoosier before (and during renovations if you're interested)

And now after!!!
**Swoon!** Is it ok to swoon over your own furniture re-makes? Either way, I'm swooning, though maybe now in secret.

The lovely wallpaper is hand printed from the Curiosity Shop. The glass pulls are from Home Depot, though now I've been to Brimfield, I may just replace them with authentic vintage glass ones next time I'm at the fair.

Perhaps the least immediately dramatic apparent change is the gray spray paint enamel on the countertop. It was previously a pale blue, but stained by years and years of use. The gray masks that wear and tear, and will dirty up less quickly than a white.

The shells on top are from my various beach jaunts about the world - everywhere from Cape Cod to Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Honduras, and Puerto Rico. I. Love. Shells.

The question that remains: Do I keep the stuff hanging above it?

The seat in front of it (yet to be re-upholstered, thus not shown in this photo) will have some red accents in the fabric, and the rest of the room has some pops of red color...

Let me know your thoughts - both on the redo and on the hanging 'stuff'!


  1. need to makeover my apartment! I love it!

  2. I LOOOOVE the makeover! As for the stuff above it... It seems to work as the big conch shell has bits of red that are reflected back above.

  3. the hoosier looks like a million bucks! also:hahaha about ian and noah paint jobs. i think mom also had them paint the upstairs bathroom that summer too.

  4. Nice job Casey!! I have a bedside table that I just bought paint for last weekend but have yet to get down to the dirty deed. I take inspiration from your hoosier's transformation and hope to do the same!

  5. I liked the blood blue of the former hoosier when it was in my dining room! However, you've made it pretty classy.
    is that the new couch beside it?

  6. Yes that is in fact the new couch! Loving it.


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