Sep 17, 2009

Before and After: Our Couch

I don't buy new furniture. Mostly because I'm always renting - why buy furniture that fits in one apartment that might not fit in another? Ok, I did buy a new Panang chair from Ikea a few years ago, but Ikea is like disposable furniture so it doesn't count.

Generally, this used furniture thing works out for me. The hoosier, for example, just required some elbow grease and now it's lovely. My bed - $100 from Craig's List 5 years ago - is comfy. The bedframe - $10 from Craig's list - is functional. Etc etc etc. I'm not going to catalogue the contents of our entire 455 sq foot apartment.

There is one glaring exception from the used furniture success: The Couch. The Floral Couch. $80 from Craig's List, small enough to fit into the apartment, but Ugly with a capital U. Not only was it ugly, but the fabric was rough. It was short. And narrow. And hard. T and I couldn't lay down on it at the same time without become one person (which we did every night because we wanted to lounge that badly).

The Couch, Before:
The top photo is T during the broken arm adventure. Instead of sleeping on the couch, he chose to sleep on the floor. That's right - the couch was so bad, he preferred the hard floor to the couch. The middle photo is Greg and Danielle trying to enjoy the couch. They can't. The bottom photo is of T sitting on the couch with some sock monkey gifts. Notice the floral ickinessm and how the monkeys are trying to escape the couch.

So when T moved in, the first (and only) thing we purchased was a brand new couch. Thank you, Building 19. Thank you U-Haul, for renting us a van. Thank you weather, for being sunny... oh wait it was pouring rain. But it was worth it. Worth it for the wonderful large soft yet firm couch in neutral tones we now have.

Our Couch, After:
That's right - all 5'9" of me plus my size 10 feet and long wavy arms can stretch out on the couch. And the back was low enough to be able to fit into the apartment.

T and I are in pure bliss. We come home from work and slouch on the couch, or lounge, or lie there spooning with plenty of room.. and ponder: Should we go do something cool, or enjoy the couch? Inevitably the couch wins. Give us time, we will learn that the couch will be there when we come home again, but right now it's pure bliss. Pure bliss, I tell you.

About tonight- I know I was supposed to go to book club, ladies, but I, um, have other plans..


  1. Impressive couch find! I love the demonstration of how you actually fit. I have yet to find one that will adequately fit my 5'9" 8.5 size feet...someday!

  2. A new couch was my one splurge when I moved, too. It's important!

  3. I will never again compromise on couch comfort, especially when Building 19 is around to supply them at an affordable price.

  4. Hello, I'm Kat. I came to your blog via apartment therapy. Just wondering how you put a background image behind your posts, and how to make the right panel semi transparent? Your blog looks amazing!

  5. Hi katty -- Thanks! I must admit I had almost nothing to do with it, aside from choosing the template. Blogger hosts my blog, and I participate in "Blogger in Draft", which allows you access to pre-release items that they are testing. Anyone can sign up - - and use their templates for free!


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