Sep 16, 2009

Onions are a delight - Before & After

I have onions on the mind. And on the breath. Last night at floor hockey I was oozing onion odor. I think that's why the opposing team kept backing away when I would approach them.

The cause of the odor? Onions. (Duh.) My mom and I stopped by Red Fire Farm where Ian works to drop him off, and I went on a quick mini-tour of the place. I love seeing where food comes from --- someone has to grow it, and in the case of all my veggies this summer, it's my brother Ian.

The onions are "curing" (which means drying) in the greenhouse. This is how onions are sold in the supermarket - cured (not on the floor of a greenhouse on top of a tarp). Curing allows you to keep them all winter long. One of my favorite things was actually trying non-cured garlic. It was crispy and fresh and full of flavor and juice! If only it was available year round..

I digress. After collecting some onions from Ian, I consulted Betty (Crocker), and whipped up French Onion Soup. I love French Onion Soup.

Ok that doesn't look so appetizing, but it's only because I didn't put on any croutons. Or cheese, which is the holy grail of French onion soup for many people. I left it off because guess what? Cheese isn't good for your heart!

So imagine the after photo of those onions looked like this:

What a transformation, eh? From field to table, a relative miracle.

Thanks to Kari Stianson for the photo. Her French Onion Soup is way better looking than mine was.. but mine sure tasted good and my heart says "thanks for getting your veggies but not a ton of fat."

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