Sep 10, 2009

Before & After: The Hoosier

Well, here are the "before" photos anyway... this was a BIG project. Real big.

I've had this piece of furniture for a few years now. It's called a hoosier:

Hoosiers come in many shapes and sizes, but they're all essentially move-able kitchen cabinets. This particular hoosier was the only piece of furniture my great grandparents had in their kitchen at Keuka Lake for many years... not that the kitchen is all that updated now!

The current kitchen in the Keuka cottage. We just got drinkable running water a few years ago.

The hoosier needed some help. My mom stripped it down 20 years ago, and re-painted it. About 10 years ago, my brothers painted it the dark blue, and did a terrible job of it. Just terrible. The blue paint has been chipping off since they painted it on:

See the blue paint. See the blue paint chip.

Apparently they were resentful of my mother, who had asked them to paint the dining room twice that summer, and now they had to paint the hoosier, which was also in the dining room. Lots of resentment. "Wah. You feed me, and clothe me, and make me do chores. Boo-hoo."

The only thing I had done to improve the hoosier is add those lovely floral knobs to replace the cheap plain white ones, and placed casters so I could roll it around. Nothing to address the chipping, the stickiness of the cabinet doors, the stained [but original] enamel sliding countertop.

With T moving in, we needed to move my large drawer-less desk out of the living room, but the hoosier was the perfect fit, and a much more functional desk. I wasn't going to have the cruddy blue painted hoosier in our living room!

The wheels started turning...
Colors: Yellow? gray? pink? blue?
What about wallpaper? There are some cool wallpapers out there...
So many choices...

Stay tuned for the during and after photos...

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