Sep 9, 2009

Before & After: The Dresser

In a small apartment, hallways represent space too valuable to use just for walking through and hanging photos.

The back hallway leading to our bedroom has always had a shallow dresser that I used for my t-shirts, gym clothes, and random beauty products. However, this back hallway also has a back door that T and I use on a daily basis. We take off our shoes the minute we walk in the door, especially during the winter. The shoes -- even just the two pairs we wore that day -- clutter up the space quickly.

My solution? A "highboy" style dresser with space underneath it perfect for shoes. Thanks to Craig's List and Ikea, I was able to purchase a cheap dresser that not only had space underneath it, but the drawers had runners on them so they are much smoother and easier to use than the previous dresser.

Unfortunately, though, the dresser's cheap "wood" finish job was significantly marred by the moving tape I myself placed on there. The danged dresser was forcing me to upgrade it!

Dresser, I'd like you to say "hello" to two bottles of white spray paint, some new brass knobs (top ones are slightly different than the bottom three), a dresser cloth from my grandmother, and some contact paper!

Yeah... you like it. You're much better looking now, and my flip-flops love living underneath you.


  1. Berkley11:37 AM

    your quick progress on your small projects has inspired me to complete the ones I've been sitting on for months. I got a free small dropleaf table when someone in my neighborhood moved out and put a ton of free stuff out on their lawn...but it was blue, and blue is not a color I like for decorating MY home...I bought black paint months ago but hadn't done anything (the fact that is was sitting on my back porch wasn't helping) so yesterday I started to tackle it! It will take multiple coats, but my plants are going to enjoy sitting on it in the bay window in my dining room. I also hung 4 or 5 more things on empty walls I had been slow to commit to last night, inspired by your busy-ness.

  2. Yay!

    Truth be told, I did these projects over the course of August. But it was a lot of projects all at once. So satisfying to create new things!! Wait until you see my desk re-do!

    Also -- spray paint is your friend... sometimes way easier than a brush, though for a table I would think painting is better.

  3. Anonymous2:43 PM

    shiny shiny new hardware...i love your solution, and i TOTALLY get the small living space problem (my whole house is 700 sq ft; i have a garage and basement for storage, but precious little storage space upstairs). i'm still not sure what to do with the shoes, but this winter i plan to make a coatrack that will be in the little nook between the piano and the wall, behind the front door. dead space used! :) liz


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