Oct 6, 2009

Bruins Fan...

I'm not a die-hard sports fan. Sure, I enjoy going to Sox games:

It was chilly. We had beer and hot chocolate. And then an Irish coffee. But I don't have before and after photos of that event (thank goodness).

I am a Bruins fan (probably because I play floor hockey), and I do have some before and after photos of a recent event.

Here, a Bruins fan on an average Monday night, wearing her Bruins t-shirt, before a shopping trip:

But after picking up some gear from Reebok....

... I'm a VERY excited fan!!! Wearing a t-shirt, sweatshirt, and sweatpants.

Now just to get some tickets for this season.


  1. we just become istant friends! I LOVE THE BURINS!!!!

  2. Dude I had to RESTRAIN myself at the store... we get a discount and I wanted it all!!

    How often do you go to games?

  3. i must have those sweatpants... where are they from?!?!?

  4. they're from the Reebok store... want me to get you some?


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