Oct 7, 2009

The Closet Gets a Makeover

Sometimes when you live in a rental apartment, you get lackadaisical. I mean, I moved at least every 6 months in college excluding the dorms, and every year after that. That's 11 apartments in 8 years. I counted (see appendix below). There's only so much nesting I'll do with that kind of record.

But with T moving in, and having lived here for 2 years already, my "imminent move" feeling has seriously abated. I suppose that's the reason for all of the recent projects. That, and the sudden amount of time I have now that I'm no longer leading OYFP.

Tuesday's before and after is The Closet in the bedroom. This is the teeny tiny bedroom that fits only a double or a twin, with the long side against the wall. Unfortunately, this means access to the closet is somewhat limited, well, extraordinarily limited by the large wood doors (ignore the mess, focus on the wood door at the back of the room):

Left: The bed is directly on the right when you walk in.
Right: Standing by the closet, looking back to the bedroom door and bathroom.

To give us fuller access to the closet, including the ability to actually see the laundry basket, we removed the doors and hung curtains made with fabric from SewFisticated (as usual). Oh and cleaned up. That in itself is a before/after!

Not only are we able to fully expose everything in the closet by pulling back the curtains, I can now hide in the closet more easily! You know, if burglars come or something.They'll never think "maybe she's hiding behind the striped curtain, clutching all her jewels." Next Step: Get some jewels.

The fabric choice was inspired not only by the sage colored walls in the bathroom and bedroom, but the rug in the bathroom:

PERFECT or what? And the grommets add a fun nautical feel. I only wish they weren't brass colored.

Now. What do you think of the alternative bedspread duvet I made last winter? I use it when I need a bright burst of color and spring in the wintertime:

Yeah, it's not perfect... but it IS a rental after all. :-)

Dorms (3 semesters)
Spain (5 months)
Boltwood Walk (700 sq feet, 4 women, 9 months)
My Aunt and Uncle (summer internship x2)
Presidential Apartments (5 months)
Nicaragua (4 months, 2 places)
Home with the 'rents (pre-first job)
Malden studio (freaky friday apartment lasted 17 months)
Cedar Street (Friends! Somerville!)
Spencer Ave (around the corner from Cedar)
Highland Road (down the street from Spencer)
and finally
108 Washington (going on year 3, now with T).
Gosh I hate moving. Why did I do so much of it before?


  1. Love it! (And all of the recent projects, btw.) How do you do grommets??

  2. You buy a grommet making kit! It's basically a hole-punch, all you need is a hammer and a hard floor. Hard as in concrete. I tried to do it on my kitchen floor but there was too much re-verb. I was going to give up... but T took over and did them in the basement instead.

  3. I'm inspired to post the changes I make to my new apartment once I move in. You weren't kidding about the small bedroom! My new space will be somewhat smaller too so I have to be very diligent with storage and organization to make everything work! :o)

  4. Ooo post them! The sad part about tumbler is I can't write comments on it.. unless it's on my own "tumble".

  5. I love the duvet cover!

  6. Anonymous10:31 AM

    i have curtains for closet doors too! the old ones were completely gross (and the other bedroom had ones with a mirror mosaic on them...ew), and lacking much funding, i bought some off-white muslin, used some garage sale bias tape for loops to hang them on, and voila! so pretty!
    :) liz

  7. Anonymous11:01 AM

    the improvement is dramatic by removing the closet door and the bathroom doors. The work on both doors is very professional. It's still weird to sleep next to a wall, but who cares once I'm asleep.


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