Oct 8, 2009

From Sock to Bottom

Before, these were just socks:

Brand new, fuzzy socks. Just the kind you'd want to put on now that the weather is getting cooler. Put on... or cut up! And sew! And stuff!  do some more hand sewing!


An adorable, huggable, oh so soft violet friend! She's ready to love you (she wears her heart on her chest). And she needs your love, because she's handmade. Her ears are a little far back on her head, and her arms aren't quite even, but that smile --- that smile is captivating .I'm sure baby Olivia is going to love her.


  1. She is so adorable and sassy. And I bet super soft since I looove socks like that. I need me a Smazzle monkey! ;o)

  2. Wanna do a trade? A monkey for a photo(s)?

  3. I would LOVE to do a trade!! Remember that Candyland photo you gave me years ago? ADORE IT. Your photos are amazing. So yes. A trade. Just choose your sock from my photos on Facebook!

    regular socks
    soft socks

  4. Doh! Blogspot doesn't alert me to when you reply! I just selected a sock. :o)

    I have TONS of framed photos I need to sell since I'm running out of storage space in my new apartment. Anything you want in particular? I have lots of great Nicaragua photos you might like. :o) Let me know!


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