Jan 19, 2010

Apparently I'm Getting Married

Or at least shopping for wedding dresses. Which I did actually do -- me myself, Casey Anne Tordella Williams -- shopped for wedding dresses with my darling cousin Margot and aunt Margaret on Sunday.

I did not, however, go shopping in Illinois for Alfred Angelo dresses for myself. Because I'm not getting married any time soon.

I seriously do not understand this. My name isn't that common. If you have my name, you should be good at spelling it because people always ask. I would like to think that if you have my name, you would also be smart. Or at least a competent typer/writer who can correctly input their own email address.

My email back:

casey to AlfredAngelo@alfredangelo.com

I think you have the wrong Casey Williams. Though I love my boyfriend dearly, we are not engaged. Yet.
Maybe check back in a year or two. Even if I were engaged, it would be a far trek out to Illinois to try on wedding dresses when I live here in Boston.
Please pass on my Congratulations to the Illinois Casey Williams.


Casey A. Williams
Boston, MA


  1. Berkley1:17 PM

    i think people are just using your email for fun now...this is ridiculous!!

  2. I agree withe Berkley!

  3. I can't believe that someone would go to that much trouble. It's sheer laziness or bad handwriting!


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